Financial Literacy Coalition
Developing Financially
    Stronger Individuals and Families Serving the Muscatine County, Iowa area

Our mission is to implement programs to develop financially stronger individuals and families and a healthier community.

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We have been working in the background for a couple of years and are restarting our publicly visible activities.  The need is still pressing and interest in financial literacy is reviving.  We need new blood as many of our original members have moved away.
Email Ed Lampe if you are interested!

Our History

The Financial Literacy Coalition (FLC hereon), began as the Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA hereon) Savings Committee.

The MCSA Savings Committee was developed to help low income families to save money so that they could move out of poverty. Upon the initiative of its members it was decided that there was a better method to help low income families become productive and prosper in the financial area.

Upon research it was discovered that a local Muscatine church was teaching Financial Peace University (FPU hereon). The committee became familiar with and embraced the FPU concept because it provides all the necessary essential information to help the poverty stricken, working poor, and basically anyone else, learn a practical approach for dealing with personal finances. The committee then asked a subgroup to develop a program to spread FPU across Muscatine County.

The FLC began meeting on February 11, 2007 and includes members from churches, credit unions, banks, businesses, and non-profit organizations. In March 2007 the planning phase of the project was completed, and on April 4, 2007 the FLC was incorporated as a non-profit corporation. Currently the FLC utilizes the Community Foundation of Muscatine as fiduciary agent for funds handling.

Preliminary Results

The FLC has completed more than 27 Financial Peace University classes since inception. Below are some of the results:


Muscatine County and Surrounding Areas

  Money Saved Debt Reduced Debt Avoided Initial Debt
Dollar amounts 682,298.92 $1,629,194.46 $8,549,000.00 $6,301,861.00
  Total Couples Total Singles Total Count Total Families
Graduates 256 117 629 374
% Graduated 89.9% 79.6% 85.9% 85.2%

Current Initiatives

The FLC has programs for the working poor, persons with high debt levels, and anyone interested in becoming educated in regards to personal finances. One of those programs is the simulcast of the Total Money Makeover Live! event.

Seven area churches, three non-profit organizations and a local credit union have opened FPU sessions to expand the program. An accredited college class may be offered in the Spring at Muscatine Community College.

The FLC is working with Muscatine School System to introduce a program to teach children in lower grade levels to save and invest their money.

We have Ministerial (free) Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselors that have significantly impacted a number of families in the area, assisting individuals and families. They have helped families save homes from foreclosure, reduce or eliminate significant consumer debt and strengthen marriages through better financial communications.

About Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a well rounded, and motivational personal finance program. It helps people come to terms with their finances, marriage relationship and career, and will improve the student's financial outlook and relieve much of their financial and marital stress.

Financial Peace University has the potential to change our community in a positive way, like no other we have seen in recent times.

Download this two page "White Paper" in English or in Spanish to learn the brief history, successes, and goals of the Financial Literacy Coalition and how we utilize Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and other high impact programs to raise the quality of life in the Muscatine, Iowa area.