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EntreLeadership is Dave Ramsey’s premier leadership training program for individuals, teams, and business.

Updated and reorganized for 2012. If you attended before, there's new content for you.

Lessons You Learn

EntreLeadership Defined
Five Questions Brilliant Leaders Ask in Times of Chaos
The Art of Selling by Serving
Impact Relationships
Transform Business in Your Community
Whether you’re an individual who wants to develop your leadership abilities, a business organizational or church leader who wants to develop your team, or an entrepreneur who wants to build a business on solid, proven principles, EntreLeadership is for you. Invest in your leadership, your team, and your business.

Attending the full-day event will give you access to the core essentials every business owner and leader should understand to be successful.

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The EntreLeadership Podcast

Your resource for lessons from Dave Ramsey on business, team building and leadership. Hosted by one of Dave's leading business speakers, Chris LoCurto, each podcast is loaded with insight and ideas featuring expert guests such as Tony Hsieh, Simon Sinek and Dan Cathy, as well as key leaders from Dave's company, and of course, Dave himself.

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First, I would like to thank you and your organization for bringing this program to our business community.

The one day EntreLeadership program gave me an insight that I knew was there but was unexplored. It was good to get reinforcement in the areas of finance and employee relationships that we as business people tend to forget. We have needs in both areas and this program provided old and new ways of looking at problems that every business person will face at one point or another. It was fresh, to the point and inspiring to watch and then gave good practical advise on employee relationships and business issues. The program was well worth the time and money invested.

Dennis Froelich

Feather Your Nest Interiors, LLC

I left this simulcast motivated & excited about my business.
So many great ideas!

Lori Rutter

Great info. I like it being condensed to 1 day for my members.
All info that we are growing within our company.

pat on the back

Our second EntreLeadership 1-Day Simulcast went well and was as eagerly received as the first.

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